Help for you and you animal

“There is no fundamental difference between man and animals in their ability
to feel pleasure and pain, happiness, and misery. ”
(Charles Darwin)

Welcome to “Animal Communication Mallorca”!

Thank you for your interest in animal communication and animal healing. You seem to love your animal very much and would love to know more about it’s state of health and mind, concerns, thoughts and wishes, or would like to communicate a message to your beloved animal.

Often our animals are the mirror image of our soul, showing through illnesses or behavioural problems that something is wrong in their environment. Animal communication can reveal whether this is a problem with the animal, the human companion of the animal or both.

Sometimes it is sufficient to communicate the animal’s message to its human companion, or vice versa, for good health to be restored, or for a situation to improve.

If this is not enough, I can support you and your pet with a variety of alternative healing techniques:

My aspiration is to create a harmonious relationship between human and animal and I would be very happy if you would confide in me to help you and your animal.

The animals of the world need our help.
“We are not only responsible for what we are doing, but also for what we are not doing.”