Alternative healing methods for your pet

“We should treat animals with love and diminish their pain whenever we can.”
(Dalai Lama)

Communication with your animal can reveal which physical or psychological problems your pet has. Often the condition improves quickly after such communication, as awareness and taking care of the matter can lead to a solution.

If this animal communication is not enough, there are many holistic healing methods. Sceptics argue that these are, above all, a matter of “faith”. Quantum physics, however, has shown that everything in this universe vibrates, is interconnected and communicates. A good example of this is the striking of a tuning fork, which will make a second tuning fork vibrate also. This is not a question of faith, but a physical law. The best proof, however, can be observed in animals, which believe in nothing, and yet heal through energetic therapies nevertheless.

Everything has a resonant frequency. Each bone, organ, and tissue. Together, these individual resonance frequencies produce a total frequency, a harmony, which is our own – and very personal – vibration. If an organ or part of the body no longer vibrates in the right frequency, it puts the whole harmony in danger, resulting in what we refer to as a blockade or an illness.

In such cases. the following integrative healing methods can help:

If your pet has a disease, a vet should always be consulted. Alternative healing therapies do not replace a visit to the vet, but they can be used as a supplementary aid. I’ll point out now that I, as an animal healer, do not give diagnoses or any promises of healing. The above-mentioned methods of healing can rather provide the impulse needed to restore the balance of the body, mind and soul to a holistic state, while the self-healing powers of the body can be stimulated and activated.

For the greatest possible can of success, I also like to combine different healing methods. Please contact me by contact form, e-mail or phone to enquire prices.

All healing methods can, of course, also be applied to humans. Since pets often adopt the behaviour and problems of their owner, it is useful to treat both. As soon as the human heals, often his/her dear animal companion heals as well, and sometimes further treatments are unnecessary.

“God loves us to help  the animals, when they need help. Every creature in trouble has the same right of protection. All creatures of the earth feel like us, all creatures yearn happiness like us. All creatures on earth love, suffer and die like us, they are equal works of the Almighty Creator, they are our brothers.”
(Francis of Assisi)