“At home there is someone running to greet you.”

Looking for a cozy home where you know your dog feels like part of the pack? Then count on us. We have a lot of love for animals and would like your dog to feel part of the family. Our two male dogs Fiti and Marley are neutered and get along very well with other dogs. Our young cat Lilith is the boss of the house and very used to being around dogs.

The dogs are rarely alone, as I work from home and stay with us inside the house during the day and the night. However, we also have a large, partially covered outdoor area, which is completely walled. We do most of our walks by the sea, where the dogs can have fun and there is no danger from cars.

We do not have any cats, any children and we are non-smokers. The dogs get feed in the mornings and in the evenings. We do love to cuddle, but our furry friends are not allowed on the sofa or in bed.

Obviously we would give your dog any required medication without additional cost. We are happy to send you photos or videos, if you miss your dog or would like to know how your best friend is doing.

Before deciding on leaving your beloved dog(s) with us, we can arrange a ´meet & greet´, so that you and your dog(s) can get to know us. For us it is also important to know your dogs requirements and preferences and that cat hunting is not his/her hobby.

We do charge 15 Euros per night per dog.

We would love to meet you! Please get in touch.


“Give man a dog
and his soul becomes healthy. “
(Hildegard von Bingen)